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Request: Hello! Thank you! Originally posted by kristian-do. Originally posted by kaliumpop. Mingyu would actually know it was about to happen because he hired the stranger to do it. Originally posted by moonagetaedream. Originally posted by juunshua. Rei is the special guest mentor when The8 was in Idol Producer. Note: all dialogue is in Chinese unless otherwise stated. Originally posted by stellarhao. They were addressing the remaining trainees, and it was his responsibility to introduce the surprise.

So we have invited a special guest mentor, who is the definition of an all-rounder. Keep reading. Did she just come into the room?

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The protagonist just entered her new room at the college dorm, her hands carrying a heavy box with her books. Honestly speaking, it sometimes seemed like he actually enjoyed the comedy that was contained in them. You quickly paused the video and told him to warn you when he would come to that part of the movie, so you could press play. All you wanted was a simple movie night though you were far from each other. Who knew that it would be so hard? You also had to find a website that would have the movie that you two were interested in.

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It took you a few more tries until the two video players finally synced. With a lot of questions and counting that went like:. You smiled at the very brief comments that he had during the movie while answering him in the same short manner. Originally posted by sneezes. Originally posted by pabospoiler. He loves her voice, which is very soft and lovely, and always tries to get her to take vocal parts to show off her skill. He was also the most supportive when she started acting, as it was something he was interested in as well, and she in-turn attended his performance in the Excalibur musical many many times.

Originally posted by visual He was sad to see her leave hip hop unit but was so excited when she started to show more of her personality in vocal unit. When she started to gain attention as a visible he was very supportive, but also very quick to point out to one of the older members whenever he felt stylists were pushing it to far or fans were being inappropriate.

This was such a good era for her because she got a lot of vocal parts and really just killed it visually. It was the perfect era for her because it was very elegant and soft with choreography that suited her very well.

This comeback is where fans notice a shift in the dynamic between her and the boys, as they were willing to step back and trust that she could shine on her own a bit too. Sexy Rei was back for this comeback, and there was a major controversy over a photocard that showed a little bit of her bra. Originally posted by coupswonderland. Originally posted by cheolshu. Originally posted by cosmiclc. Originally posted by shuastagram. Originally posted by kwonbot.You cuddle them in your sleep. After your first kiss.

They bring up an insecurity in an argument. You get a lip piercing. They get jealous when you dance with another guy. Their GF has never left their home country. You have a lot of tattoos. Falling for an english speaking fan.

Jimin: Worlds Away. Jimin : Patience. Suga: Sweet Music. Jungkook: Pure fluff. Rap Monster : Follow Me. Jungkook : When Paths Cross.

Your first date together. Jae: Heart Strings. Puerto Rico winning a gold medal. Moving into their dorm. They hear you sing for the first time. Another member helps you with a school project. You flinch in a fight. You get close to another member.

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Your company puts you on a strict diet. Mark : You break up with him.Listen, I have chubby cheeks too so I know how it feels, but I try to keep myself adorable and happy, and you should too!

Originally posted by letmebangteen. Jeonghan - Jeonghan would do a double take when he heard you mumbling to yourself about your chubby cheeks. He would quickly get you to sit down and quietly tell you how much he loves you for you and thinks that your cheeks are a part of your charm, but he also emphasizes that its not your only charm.

Originally posted by visual Originally posted by shua. Nothing changes that. Originally posted by myungeuna. Nonstop compliments on everything for weeks on end. Even plain stuff. Originally posted by mountean. Wonwoo - He would just stop and just become increasingly enthusiastic about your cheeks and how much he loves them and he loves you and he would do everything he can to make you feel better about yourself.

Originally posted by gyuniku. Originally posted by pabospoiler. Originally posted by livelovelunch. Originally posted by minghaon. Seungkwan - Seungkwan has slightly chubby cheeks too so he would just ask who made you think that way. You make you you.

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Originally posted by manner-makes-a-man. Originally posted by sneezes. I did yesterday too! All because I love you! Originally posted by performanceunit. I believe you are whatever you find most comfortable. But thanks for the support and love! We do write some suggestive works. But SMU T no.

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Our masterlist can be found at the beginning of every request. So go to the newest request and there should be the link to the masterlist in bold.Keep reading.

seventeen reaction tumblr

Originally posted by luvscheol. You cursed your late working hours as you wrapped the scarf around your neck more tightly and quickened the pace. You quickly stood up shaking the snow off and went to check it out. There was a man leaning on the wall behind the dumpsters, his hand on his waist. You could see blood seeping through it.

He winced in pain. You threw his hand around your shoulders and lifted him up. Or maybe he was just too weak. Random person - I mean who likes kpop anyways? JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Happy birthday Hong jisoo! Dispatch: Dispatch: oh shit. Everyone: do you ever get mixed up between bias and bias wreckers. Me: nah they pretty much stay in their own lanes. Me clinging to my emotional support kpop boy during a crisis. Seventeen Mafia AU: Them falling in love with an innocent civilian.

Igot7: [hits hand on a table] Igot7: Ow! My armkle! Carat: Your what? Monbebe : His wrist. Can we please talk about this?Hip hop unit saw a video of you rapping to BTS. Telling S. Worried S. Coups when you break your fist. Drunk confession with 95 line. Drunk confession with 95 line pt. Drunk confession with 96 line. Drunk confession with 96 line pt. Jun wishing you a Happy Birthday. Jealous Jun. Hoshi wishing you a Happy Birthday. Worried Hoshi when you break your fist.

Jealous Hoshi. Hip hop unit saw you rapping to BTS. Accidentally confessing to Wonwoo. Wonwoo wishing you a Happy Birthday. Pranking Wonwoo. Woozi wishing you a Happy Birthday. Worried Woozi when you break your fist.

Non-Kpop Fans SEVENTEEN - MANSAE 만세 Reaction + BONUS [Classmates Edition]

Woozi mafia au. Jealous Dokyeom. Drunk confession with 97 line. Drunk confession with 97 line pt.Reaction to their girlfriend being clumsy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Reaction to buying lingerie with their girlfriend part 1. Reaction to buying lingerie with their girlfriend part 2. Special Birthday reaction ft. Reaction to meeting your parents and wanting to learn more about your culture which is non korean different countries version PART A.

Reaction to meeting your parents and wanting to learn more about your culture which is non korean different countries version PART B. MTL to being jealous if their girlfriend had a close relationship with another member. MTL to date a dark skinned girl. MTL to date a curvy girl. MTL to spoil their child. MTL to date a girl with a 4D personality. MTL to like partying. MTL to go and see if the ice breaks if they step on it.

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Jeonghan smutty snaps. Wonwoo smutty snaps. You are another Idol and your boyfriend The8 snaps you after a big performance. Vernon smutty snaps. Jeonghan bestfriend snaps. Woozi bestfriend snaps. Jun fluffy and smutty snaps. The8 sleepy mood moodboard.

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Jeonghan god apollo moodboard. Jeonghan willy wonka style candy moodboard. Jeonghan pink flowerboy moodboard.Coups: It would be your first fight and neither of you would know what to expect from the other. He immediately reigned himself in and regained his cool but tears were already pricking at your eyes as you gaped up at him, not knowing who it was that stood before you right now. You guys would probably have a far more reasonable conversation after that, working through whatever the problem was.

And so you and Jeonghan would probably be having the worst fight of your entire relationship and you guys would be screaming profanities at each other.

seventeen reaction tumblr

Even if he did yell though, even before he saw you cry he would sober, realizing that he needed to calm down. Jun seems like the kind of person who never raises his voice, so for him to do so would surprise even him. The sobering would only speed up if he saw tears in your eyes.

He seems like the type to just pull your head into his chest and sigh to himself, holding you. Communication is the key to relationships or the heart of relationships— whatever you know what I mean!

And this kid finally sees clearly like oh no… tears, those are tears, I caused those tears oh no. Wonwoo: The type of man that is probably really good at the silent treatment. Like you both probably had a very passive aggressive back and forth until a silent cold war began in the house. You wanted to be understanding but you had limits too. Luckily it was a day off for you that day but you were supposed to spend it going on a date with Seokmin. When you cancelled on him with a really flimsy excuse, he immediately went to your place.

His hand would hover over the door but he pulled it back and just fished out his spare key to your apartment, not knowing what was wrong with you and not wanting to make you get up if you were sick or something. Walking in on you clutching your pillow for dear life, sobbing your heart out would make him panic in all sorts of ways.

Calm down. And its frustrating for you. You two have a very bad communication situation please work on that. You tell me to calm down and then we pretend everything is just dandy! You grow as a couple tbh. Am I not human? But then Minghao is cupping your face and walking close till he can rest his forehead on your comfortably. Pinky promise. I dunno man. Your fight would probably pause with you telling him to forget it and walking out on him.

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