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Hi All, We are fetching a problem. I need a help form you. We have a switch which is in the live running. I want to get in the HP Procurve Switch But I can not get in. I want to default user name and password. Or default configuration when this is new. Any one give me immediate response.

If you setup the device using CLI with the console cable and set a password, you're factory resetting as soon as you try to access the web interface. It'll ask you for the password and entering the password you setup in CLI won't work because you need a username. Set it up via Web Interface and set a password?

It will log you out and ask you to login. Enter the password you just set, no dice. What HP do not tell you is that once the Swith is configured via the CLI with a new password when you login to the switch via the web interface the default username for the HP G is manager. Turn on suggestions.

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New Discussion. Occasional Contributor. Tags: Password reset. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Honored Contributor. Hi NO default password is set when the switch is new.

If you have a password already set on this switch, and you have physical access to the switch, press and hold the Clear button on the front of the switch for a minimum of one second to clear all password protection.

To do this: 1. Press and hold the Reset button. While holding the Reset button, press and hold the Clear button. When the Self-Test LED begins flashing, release the Clear button This process restores the switch configuration to the factory default settings.

Science for Everyone. New Member. This is by far the dumbest way to configure a switch. I'm sorry. But guess what? It doesn't give you an option under the initial CLI setup to set a user. Wanted to respond to this as yes it is a round about way to configure a switch.Total HP ProCurve noob.

I dug through HP's site and and am trying to find the default IP out of the box. I just want to get into the web config to start the config. Dont you need to access it through the Console port first? From there you set the IP address. I just set one up and am looking for the document. Your switch is acting very strange. Check DNS. That pesky baud rate To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

Any Ideas? Best Answer. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. We found 3 helpful replies in similar discussions:.

hp procurve default ip

Fast Answers! Set it to DHCP and save. Then go back into the switch and you can set it manually again.

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I had the same problem. Was this helpful?IP address and subnet mask.

hp procurve default ip

Configuring the switch with an IP address expands your ability to manage the switch and use its features. After you have network access to a device, you can use the WebAgent to modify the initial IP configuration if needed. This allows you to combine two or more subnets on the same VLAN, which enables devices in the combined subnets to communicate normally through the network without needing to reconfigure the IP addressing in any of the combined subnets.

Default gateway operation. The default gateway is required when a router is needed for tasks such as reaching off-subnet destinations or forwarding traffic across multiple VLANs.

hp procurve default ip

If the switch has a manually configured default gateway, then the switch uses his gateway, even if a different gateway is received via DHCP or Bootp on the primary VLAN.

This parameter specifies the maximum number of routers hops through which a packet can pass before being discarded. In most cases, the default setting 64 is adequate. To do so, do one of the following:.

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Select 8. Run Setup in the Main Menu of the menu interface. A default gateway IP address for the switch is optional, but recommended. The switch uses the primary VLAN for learning the default gateway address. If these parameters are manually set, they will not be overwritten by alternate values received from a DHCP or Bootp server.

HP / Aruba Procurve 2530/2500 Default Management IP, Username/Passwrods and Configurations

The IP addressing used in the switch should be compatible with your network. That is, the IP address must be unique and the subnet mask must be appropriate for your IP network. If you change the IP address through either Telnet access or the WebAgent, the connection to the switch will be lost. You can reconnect by either restarting Telnet with the new IP address or entering the new address as the URL in your web browser.

To manually enter an IP address, subnet mask, set the IP Config parameter to Manual and then manually enter the IP address and subnet mask values you want for the switch. To configure IP addressing. Press [E] for E dit. If the switch needs to access a router, for example, to reach off-subnet destinations, select the Default Gateway field and enter the IP address of the gateway router.

If you want to manually configure the IP information, use the Space bar to select Manual and use the [Tab] key to move to the other IP configuration fields.

HP Switch IP Configuration

Select the Subnet Mask field and enter the subnet mask for the IP address. Press [Enter]then [S] for S ave. Viewing the current IP configuration. You can also use the show management command to display the IP addressing and time server IP addressing configured on the switch. See the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch. With multiple VLANs and some other features configured, show ip provides additional information:.

Configure an IP address and subnet mask. The following command includes both the IP address and the subnet mask. This example configures the same IP addressing as the preceding example, but specifies the subnet mask by mask length. The following is supported:. For this example, assume that the first IP address is already configured. If you then wanted to multinet the default VLAN, you would do the following:. Generally, to replace one IP address with another, you should first remove the address you want to replace, and then enter the new address.

Configure the optional default gateway. Using the Global configuration level, you can manually assign one default gateway to the switch. While routing is enabled on the switch, the IP default gateway is not used.This feature enables you to create static routes and null routes by adding such routes directly to the route table.

This section describes how to add static and null routes to the IP route table. The static route consists of a destination network address or host, a corresponding network mask, and the IP address of the next-hop IP address. The null route consists of the destination network address or host, a corresponding network mask, and either the reject or blackhole keyword.

Typically, the null route is configured as a backup route for discarding traffic if the primary route is unavailable. By default, when IP routing is enabled, a route for the Traffic to this interface is rejected dropped.

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This route is for all traffic to the "loopback" network, with the single exception of traffic to the host address of the switch's loopback interface Displaying the currently configured static routes shows the default null route entry in the switch's routing table. NOTE: On a single routing switch you can create one null route to a given destination. Multiple null routes to the same destination are not supported. Directly connected networks: One route is created per IP interface. When you add an IP interface, the routing switch automatically creates a route for the network the interface is in.

If the RIP route has a lower administrative distance than any other routes from different sources to the same destination, the routing switch places the route in the IP route table.

See Administrative distance. Default route: This is a specific static route that the routing switch uses if other routes to the destination are not available. See Configuring the default route. When you configure a static IP route, you must specify the following parameters:. The routing switch also applies default values for the route's administrative distance Administrative distance.

In the case of static routes, this is the value the routing switch uses to compare a static route to routes from other route sources to the same destination before placing a route in the IP route table. The default administrative distance for static IP routes is 1, but can be configured to any value from 1 to The fixed administrative distance values ensure that the routing switch always prefers static IP routes over routes from other sources to the same destination.

IP static routes remain in the IP route table only so long as the IP interface to the next-hop router is up. If the next-hop interface goes down, the software removes the static route from the IP route table. If the next-hop interface comes up again, the software adds the route back to the route table. This feature allows the routing switch to adjust to changes in network topology. The routing switch does not continue trying to use routes on unreachable paths, but instead uses routes only when their paths are reachable.Experts Exchange always has the answer, or at the least points me in the correct direction!

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HP 1810-8G Switch – Setup and Management

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View Solution Only. Commented: Look for the command "ip address" at page in the PDF. I believe no password is set, write "menu" in cli, go to "switch configurations" and from there you can set all you need.

I have not worked with this switch so I am sorry if things are not accurate. Author Commented: Just tried putty but it failed to work. I go the putty screen up and it seems to connect although I cannot type any commands in the black box that appears. I will find a xp pc and try hyperterminal.

I am trying the xp hyper terminal. It shows the session is connected and a cursor is flashing in the hyperterminal window but I cannot type anything in it. Please advise. OK, if u download the install and getting started guide and read the "connecting through the serial cable" section Change the switch settings first, save your changes, then change the terminal settings, then reboot the switch and reestablish the console session.

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IP configuration

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